Available Office Space

1000 Broadway in downtown Oakland offers versatile office space, including professional office suites for the one-person enterprise to full floors for mid-size companies. Click here to contact us to inquire about available space or arrange for a tour.

Available as of December, 2017

2200275 - 400 square feetprofessional suitesNowProfessional office suites: 2 private offices, Shared kitchen. Free allotment of conference room use. Storage units from 25 sf to 100 square feet are available. Franklin Street views.
22904,177office11/1/2017Mostly open area, with a few private offices, 2 conference/meeting rooms, kitchen, Broadway views.
33957,176office12/1/2017Perimeter offices with open area in center, large conference/meeting room, kitchen, storage, Broadway views.
44153,334officeNowAtrium view, 3 private offices, conference room, mail room, mostly open space.
44303,448officeNowAtrium facing, double door entry off elevator bank, open area.
446012,966officeNowStreet and atrium views, double door entry off elevator bank, large storage/kitchen, large server room or storage, a few private offices, open area.
66601,419officeNowShell space. Atrium views.
667510,621officeNowPerimeter offices, large open area, conference rooms, kitchen/breakroom.